Flood waters inundate Carnation

Citizens receive reverse 911 call; National Guard puts high water vehicle on standby.

After a falling tree fell on a car overnight on Feb. 6 into Feb. 7, floodwaters continued to impact day to day operations of Carnation residents.

All schools in the city had been closed, and according to Carnation city manager Amy Arrington, many citizens were relying on back roads to commute to and from work.

“We do know that the National Guard did station a vehicle — it’s a high water vehicle here at the station that’s inside the city limits of Carnation, and intended just to provide some assistance if needed,” Arrington said.

Last night King County issued a reverse 911 call, informing residents of potential isolation due to rising floodwaters, in addition to road closures such as state Route 203.

“People need to be prepared to be isolated for a while,” said Barnaby Dow of King County emergency management. He went on to describe how the Snoqualmie River reached its crest on the afternoon of Feb. 7, but water levels will continue to remain high into the night.

In terms of potential emergencies, Dow said his department is “urging folks in compromised areas or places where they don’t know what to do to listen to media. To check in with King County roads, check in with WSDOT, and make determination based on what’s best for them.”

The National Weather Service said rainfall in Carnation over the past 48 hours was at 2-3 inches.