Writer has experience with candidate

Letter to the Editor

Brian Derdowski has proven to me that he cares about the effects

of growth in rural King County, in a very personal way.

I live on two acres in the foothills of eastern King County, on a

privately maintained gravel road. When an immigrant from California bought

the small lot next to me, he was given the option by the county fire

department of installing a sprinkler system in his new, custom-built home, or

widening the road to 20 feet and clearing the 80-foot-diameter cul-de-sac at the end

of the road. He chose to do the latter, although that would entail clearing

40-feet of forest out of my front yard, including a very old cedar tree.

Needless to say, I was dismayed and questioned officials at the

county fire department as to the need for this, and if there might not be some

alternative. I spoke with the fire chief himself and was told that this 80-foot

cul-de-sac was necessary to maneuver their equipment and that there was

no alternative. It would have to be done.

The day before the chain saws were scheduled to begin their work,

I was able to talk to Mr. Derdowski. He answered his office phone himself,

and after explaining the situation to him, he assured me that there were

alternatives and that I should stall the clearing for a couple of days while he

made some inquiries.

He personally made an appointment with the fire chief to come out

to my neighborhood to discuss the issue, showed up himself, and explained

to me that he had sponsored legislation allowing for less intrusive

alternatives to wiping out the forest so that fire engines could turn around. The

fire chief never did show up, and the requirement was dropped the same day.

I am grateful to this day to Brian Derdowski for saving me from

having to look at a huge cleared parking lot in my front yard. He showed

me that he was willing to personally go to bat for the little guy out here in

the country when faced with the bullying dictates of big government from

the city, and he has my support and my vote to continue doing an excellent job.

Hugh Gundry

North Bend