Reader comments on road memorial

Letter to the Editor

After seeing all the news stories in this publication and on local news

stations, I felt the strong need to comment on the Brandon Blount

memorial situation

I cannot fathom what possessed the complainants’ actions. I

thought this community was special, a little more close-knit and caring than

most; evidently I am sadly mistaken.

I knew Brandon, and pass the memorial several times each week. I

have yet to see any traffic problem, or even anyone there in the past two years,

so what is there to complain about? I have racked my brain and all I can come

up with is that the people complaining simply are very cold-hearted and

have nothing better to do with their time.

I challenge them to come up with a better reason and respond. True,

it may be misuse of county land, but the millions of yard sale signs each

week that are left up also must be, and they truly are an eyesore.

I do not think the beautiful flowers left at the memorial

offend anyone’s eyes. To me, it is a wonderful statement to how much this

family loved their son and brother, and a reminder to our upcoming young

drivers to slow down.

To those of you who complained enough to take this away from

the Blount’s, I hope you are proud of yourselves. Perhaps a hobby to fill idle

time would help.

Teri Keeney

North Bend