Family faces life’s seperations

Letter to the Editor

In loving memory of John A. Travis, Dad/ Granddad who

passed away November 1998 and Gertrude R. Travis, Mom/Grandma who

passed away August 1999.

When God saw you were getting weary, He did what He thought

was best. He put His arms around you and took you home to rest.

When we remember you, loving tears will flow and our hearts will

ache with sadness.

You can only guess how much you gave us in caring and happiness.

They were gentle, caring and loving people. Their lives were

shining examples as they lived to serve God and love people. Their legacy to

each of us is the inspiration they gave us and the changes they brought about

in each of our individual lives. The honor of knowing them was our privilege.

How can we face life’s separations? By practicing what they

taught us: Love well and communicate that love.

Judy Travis, Jim Travis, Peg Travis, Dave Hirchert

Anchorage, Alaska