The grandma test

Letter to the editor.

I read with some interest the stories and letters concerning

the name of the new coffee shop in North Bend. While I

sympathize with the heroic donkeys who toiled so mightily for the glory

of Kona coffee, any reasonable person knows that the name

“Bad Ass Coffee” is a cute and sophomoric double entendre that

contributes to a decline in civility. Would the apologists for this

new franchise be as quick to defend the name “Dumb Chick

Coffee,” even if the logo included a picture of a cute, little,

baby chicken?

For the biblically inclined who defend the name by

citing the fact that the word “ass” appears in the Good Book, I have

a better test of probity. Can you, with a straight face, explain

this name to your grandma?

Bob Ashby

North Bend