No more need to die

Letter to the Editor.

My friend died last night [Jan. 31]. She attended my church

and a few years ago, I was a youth advisor to her in our youth

group. She loved my kids. It wasn’t uncommon to see her holding

one on Sunday mornings. She was a sweet girl who loved the

Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart. She was going to Bible college

this fall. We’d just talked about her plans a few days ago. Her

friend died with her. How I grieve for them; so young, so many

plans ahead.

My friend may have lived. Oh, it wasn’t that they were

drinking, or smoking or taking drugs. No, it was just some loose

gravel. It was an accident. But I wonder. If there had been a

guardrail, would they still be alive? I can’t say for sure, but it wouldn’t

have hurt their chances.

Too many people have died or have been seriously

injured along 202 on the Snoqualmie-Fall City hill. I don’t want to

see anyone else perish. It just pains me that two more lives have

had to be taken to put me into action.

I drive an average of three times a week from Carnation

to Snoqualmie. I’ve never liked that hill, and I’ve never felt safe on

it. I’ve driven it thousands of times over the years, as I was born

and raised in Snoqualmie. I can remember as a child hearing

my mother complain about there not being a guardrail on the

entire stretch of that hill. And now, with the traffic increasing and with

all the tourist activity at the Falls, I don’t see why there isn’t a

guardrail from the top to the bottom. We all know how the

tourists don’t obey the signs and do U-turns on that hill. One

wrong move and another car will be over the cliff, and another life will

be taken. Or it’ll be another friend, another loved one,

another daughter.

I encourage you all, for the safety of all of us, to contact

the Department of Transportation and your local state representative.

To help you out, here are their numbers and addresses: At the

Department of Transportation, Traffic Division: Mr. Dave

McCormick, (206) 440-4487, 15700 Dayton Ave N., P.O. Box 330310,

Seattle, WA 98133; State Senator Dino Rossi, (360) 786-7608, P.O.

Box 40405, Olympia, WA 98504, e-mail:

I spoke with Mr. McCormick today and he encouraged people to

write to him and share their concerns.

For the love of Abby and her friend, Carly, please make the

call or write a letter. These sad stories don’t need to be told in our

community anymore.

My prayers go out to their families, friends and loved

ones. May Abby and Carly both rest for eternity in the loving arms of

our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Janelle Cotogna