Special piece of property

Letter to the Editor.

(Editor’s note: The following is a copy of a letter written to

the North Bend Planning Commission.)

As a resident of the North Bend community, I read with

great interest the article in the last issue of the Valley Record

concerning the Tollgate Farm project that would add a business park

and housing subdivision adjacent to the Meadowbrook Farm

property that was so wisely “saved” from development and preserved

as open space.

I would like to voice my opinion as being opposed to any

development of this kind on this beautiful property that is

so unique. Do we need more houses and businesses interrupting

this spectacular piece of property that makes both North Bend

and Snoqualmie so special? This land not only has great aesthetic

value for residents and visitors as well, but defines what a “rural”

community should look like.

My fear is that if we allow such types of development in

these precious rural areas, we will soon look like another Issaquah. In

addition to the loss of aesthetic value if this project is

approved, the flooding concerns are very real. How can we, in good

conscience, pave over more floodplains? What does this

potentially do to flooding concerns downstream of this project?

Another concern is that this area could contain a Native American

burial site that deserves protection.

I hope that our city Planning Commission will take the

“high road,” look at the “bigger

picture,” consider future generations, concern themselves with

preserving what’s unique, rural and wonderful about this area and deny

the application in full for this Tollgate project.

Not giving into pressure from big developers is the right

thing to do for North Bend, not only for the present, but for the future

of our beautiful valley and its rural spaces. Surely there must be

other locations where business parks and housing could go in

that wouldn’t impact this area in so many negative ways.

Barbara Touchette

North Bend