Tell them in D.C.

Letter to the Editor.

Let it be known that I make a motion on the floor of the

North Bend and Snoqualmie city councils — that motion being for

them to each assign one or two people who are knowledgeable in

government politics and have a firm grasp on the Growth

Management Act. I motion the city councils to send these persons ready and

prepared to Washington, D.C.

Send them there with a message from the people of this

Valley, that we the people say “no more,” and that we have said

no from the beginning. But no one who has the power really gives

a monkey’s uncle about what the people of this Valley don’t want.

I make my motion to the people and for the people, but

my motion must be seconded. Do I hear, “I second the motion”?

We need a knowledgeable person to go forth for our

Valley and fight for our citizens’ rights, upon the doorsteps of the

White House and Congress, to tell them that until death do we not want

to see any more massive growth in our Valley, etc., etc. And we,

as citizens, have a whole city council that works for us and, are

legally bound by our wishes as a community.

So raise up your arms and put your city council to work for

you and have it stop the devastation of our freedom. And let your

city council fight for what we have and what we don’t want to lose, as

they should, or else they should get their pearly white hair out of


It is time we put our taxes to work for us. No more growth,

no mining, no blowing up the Snoqualmie Falls, no Falls

Crossing, no new business district, no nothing of the sort. As I have

always said, slow growth is a man buying a parcel of land and

building his home, not a man, backed by corporations, building his

empire on my freedom, my hillside, my Valley, my life. I hope you

feel the same way, too!

Our taxes can send our voice to the Capitol and let our side

be heard, and that is what I am asking for here. I am Charlotte

Irene Noel, born in Fall City and raised on a country mile. I am a part

of Moon Valley and each rip of her soil is a rip in my soul, and a

tear in my britches. And if it keeps going, you can take out the

“r” out of britches and that is what I will be, and I don’t want to

go there!

Charlotte Irene Noel