Big city problems in small towns

Letter to the Editor.

Twice in the last few weeks I have been the victim of car prowlers.

Once at my home in Snoqualmie (tools) and just last night ,Oct. 19, in North

Bend (camera, car registration folder). In both instances, the police response

was great; fast and professional, but of course the perp and my things

are gone. We are small towns with what used to be thought of as “big

city” problems. Lock your cars everywhere you go here.

We were at Scott’s Dairy Freeze last night with the car right in front

and the thief just went down the line of every car he could get into.

Many thanks to the woman who missed a class to make a report and provide

a description of the young man she confronted inside her car.

While close proximity to the freeway suggests that the thief came

and went, there is also the possibility that it is one of our own that is taking

the opportunity to steal from us. I would suggest that families pay attention

to any member that all of a sudden has new possessions that he “found”

or were “given” to him. In my case, the camera was in a solid red case

with the Marlboro logo, Canon 35mm, waterproof. Although my family

will miss having holiday pictures this year, I really wish we had the roll of

film inside the camera with the irreplaceable photos of my son in his final

soccer game and his first day of kindergarten.

So, lock your doors, report suspicious behavior and support your

local police.

Marcia Korich