Much remains missing about Falls Crossing proposal

Letter to the Editor.

Falls Crossing is still looming over Snoqualmie like a big, black,

ugly cloud. I feel this proposed project will not benefit the average citizen such

as myself and others.

In fact, Puget Western’s proposed Falls Crossing is so incompatible

with the land and local state and federal regulations, that hundreds of

conditions have been drafted to make it seem more palatable.

One of the planning commissioners in the previous vote declined to

do so. She felt that to vote before the studies were completed did not

make sense.

The studies for threatened and endangered species, a market study to

determine if proposed village retail is economically feasible and

hydrology permits from the state have not been obtained. Also,the land deeded to

the city from Puget Western is a toxic dump site and has not been given

final clearance, and studies for the Kimball Creek water quality have

not been done.

Traffic is backed up to Preston in the morning, and the old always

has to pay for the new. We will pay, pay, pay.

The following City Council members will vote in the future on

Falls Crossing: Marsha Korich, Frank Lonergan, Dick Kirby and

Cathy Reed. Drop a letter off at the city hall; it will be date stamped and a

copy given to you.

Catherine Bunn