Boy Scouts demand high moral standard

Letter to the Editor.

Julia Benson has a lot of pet liberal causes (Sept. 28) and plays

the usual card of guilt by associating them with Boy Scouts in one rambling

attack on the Scouts’ stance on morality.

There is only leftist propaganda to support the stance that

homosexuality is innate. But, even if it were,

homosexual behavior is still bad for the individual and definitely bad for

society. The AIDS epidemic amongst them belies their generally

promiscuous lifestyle. It is a sure recipe for a

hell on earth. I know firsthand; I attended the funeral of my brother a few

years ago from its affects.

People make choices about behaviors. I could just as well guess

that based on how much fornication and adultery is plaguing our society,

that perhaps men are naturally polygamist in nature. That doesn’t make the

fornication and adultery either right or acceptable.

Men can choose to restrain their passions. The Boy Scouts teach

just that. They demand high personal standards of everyone who participates,

especially their leaders. This is not lowest-common-denominator

thinking. They are precisely the medicine this very sick society needs.

Please join in a boycott of United Way and donate directly to the charity

of your choice. A lot more of your money will get to the charity and less to

liberal politically motivated staff.

Steven Marquis

Fall City