Study postponed for properties in Meadowbrook area

A vote to authorize a study of the properties within the proposed Meadowbrook utility local improvement district has been postponed for 90 days.

The North Bend City Council voted on July 21 to table authorization of the study. Some council members hoped to clarify zoning regulations in the area.

The utility local improvement district was proposed by owners of 55 percent of the property in the Meadowbrook neighborhood. It would allow the property owners to receive sewer service from the city.

The city is considering contracting with Sova Consulting to perform an appraisal, to determine how much sewer service would increase the value of property owners in the proposed district. It would cost $35,000.

The Meadowbrook area is nearly 300 acres, and connecting it to city sewer would cost an estimated $9 million. This would be paid by the residents of the district over time. However, the net benefit to property owners would be about $14 million.

The proposed study will be brought back to council in three months.