‘Partisan’ letter highlights the division in the U.S. | Letter

I thank David Stevens for his letter attacking Chris Petzold because it so clearly illustrates our divided nation. Petzold’s letter is filled with empathy, pain really, for school shooting victims. She correctly points out only Democrats advocate common-sense gun laws. Stevens attacks her for being partisan, while writing a partisan letter. Stevens is mostly angry at liberals, and low on empathy.

Pronouncing Petzold “wrong,” Stevens acts the strict father admonishing a child. This is a perfect example of what George Lakoff describes in his “Little Blue Book.” Lakoff says we have a clash of morals. Progressives families are based on nurturing, empathy, equality, guidance and the common good. Respect comes from admiration, not fear of punishment. Right-wing families are based on strict fathers laying down the law, punishing wife and children for violations.

Liberals are criticized for allowing their children to “challenge authority,” and for not teaching respect. He advocates punishment at schools and home.Stevens says liberals attack the family.

In “The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience”, evangelical Ronald Sider points out divorce and domestic violence are more frequent in born-again marriages than with non-believers.

Stevens appears to think “liberals and atheists” (seemingly equated) are omnipotent and “removed God from our schools.” Maybe he wants school prayer? Progressives believe separation of church and state preserves freedom of religion for all.

Roger Ledbetter