In defense of Petzold and critical thinking | Letter

I was born in 1947, and yes, my generation has failed the next generation in many ways. David Stevens didn’t hit a single one of them (in his March 2 letter). In the 1950’s and 60’s, the divorce rate in America began its soar. Everyone I knew went to church — so very difficult to blame the divorce rate on the ‘godless.’ However, failing families is part of the stress on our youth.

My generation fought against a corrupt war in Vietnam. Our parents made life hell for the resistors, and to this day my generation bears the scars. As a result, many of us taught our children the importance of critical thinking, particularly about what they are told to say, think and do. Of that I am proud!

We have far too many ‘gods’ flexing their muscles right now, be it ISIS, Al Qaida, KKK, white supremacists — all use ‘god’, the Bible or Quran to justify what they say and do. And hate is what they say and do.

What does this have to do with Chris Petzold (and her letter of Feb. 23) Democrats and Republicans? I will tell you: The GOP is virtually bought out by the NRA, which is why we cannot protect innocents in school (or any public venue). The GOP is also ‘owned’ by the military-industrial-Congressional complex. The GOP currently owns all the branches of our government. As a two-party system, our only recourse is to elect a Democrat. Period.

So yes, Chris is correct when she advocates that we must elect Democrats.

Marilyn Boyden