Letter to the Editor: Vote yes on Si View Pool

Residents asks voters to take closer look at Si View proposal

Vote yes on Si View Pool

I am writing to urge a Yes vote on Proposition 1, to replace the present Si View Pool. I admit, at my first glance, the proposal seemed to me more than we needed—a waterpark, not a pool—and something this fixed income retiree found difficult to support. A closer look, however, shows a few carefully selected elements that work flexibly together or independently to more than quadruple the present pool’s capacity, and greatly expand the range and number of people served.

Increased swim lesson capacity is essential in this area of lakes and rivers—as important to public safety as good police and fire protection. Lesson capabilities more than quadruple with the new pool, multiple classes can happen concurrently in the independent areas, and other users such as lap swimmers may still use the pool at the same time. The flowing river element will teach students about river and current safety, can be utilized for fitness and exercise classes, and used therapeutically in post surgical and illness rehabilitation programs. The 0-depth entry pool element is helpful for young children and families, and those with limited mobility, plus eliminates lifts and stairs.

Si View’s nationally recognized Red Cross Aquatics staff and design team have chosen design elements wisely and frugally to maximize usability of the new pool, while providing thoughtful value for taxpayers’ money. Please join me to vote YES for a new Si View pool!

Mary Norton, Snoqualmie