North Bend roundabout has at least one fan

Dear editor: I love the roundabouts!

Dear editor: I love the roundabouts!

I am enjoying watching the traffic at Exit 27 line up to get onto Route 18, thinking back to the days when Exit 31 was also like that — not anymore. The North Bend Way roundabout has created a seamless flow. I no longer wait to turn onto North Bend Way from Cedar Falls Way! What is not to love about roundabouts!

Roberta McFarland

North Bend

Board hat

Hats off to Kathryn Lerner for being a good parent and making decisions in the best interest of her children. And speaking of hats, maybe the one she should take off is that of school board director. No doubt she is a very capable and motivated person who sincerely cares about our community. However, it is difficult to have confidence in decisions she will be making affecting our children here when she has hers elsewhere.

I’ve had my own frustrations with our school district, but looking at the big picture my three children (one graduate, one junior and one fifth grader) have all benefited tremendously. If one adds up academics, activities, opportunities and relationships, the results have been more than satisfactory.

Concentrating on what we do have, and not what we don’t, might be a good idea right now. Good grief — does anyone realize how fortunate we are just to live here in this beautiful place?

All the hard work Kathryn has done over the past seven months and her future contributions should not be disrespected. Perhaps she could continue in an advisory capacity to the district, and we wouldn’t lose the help of a really fine individual.

Trese Rand

Fall City

District switch

Not everyone in the Broadhurst neighborhood feels a need to switch school districts. Going on my ninth year with three children in the Snoqualmie Valley School District, I have never found that they could not participate in any and all school activities. My high school age student enjoys the bus ride, and it’s only 35 minutes each way. If you don’t like the school district, then move to one closer to you. You don’t pick a school for convenience, you pick one that is best to serve your child, and Snoqualmie Valley School District has done just that for us, for many years.

Please quit messing with my children’s well-being and move into a district of your choice, on your own time.

Sue McCauley


Boundary change

Thank you for your coverage of Broadhurst’s efforts to move into the Lake Washington School District. We believe this move is in the best interest of our children and is a winning proposition for both districts.

As stated in the article, the reason we needed to resubmit our petition was it did not originally include the homes on Northeast 40th. This, however was not required to make the Broadhurst neighborhood contiguous to Lake Washington School District. The neighborhood is in fact contiguous without these homes. These homes were added so they would remain contiguous to their district. If they were excluded, these homes would be on a Snoqualmie Valley School District island, surrounded by other districts.

Additionally, while not everyone in the neighborhood is in favor of this move, the vast majority support it. In fact, we obtained 189 signatures in our latest petition effort. For the few that do not wish to change schools, it is my understanding that Snoqualmie Valley School District will allow them to stay through the variance process.

Thank you again for your coverage.

Petra Hoy


Lifetime achiever

I wish to thank everyone who helped me to celebrate at my party. The cards, flowers, friends and relatives were wonderful. It was a grand night, and no one threw rotten tomatoes or eggs at me! My writing is bad because my eyes are failing, but I’m still knitting on automatic. I’m still collecting stamps for “Stamps for Children,” and wondering what to do with beautiful Christmas cards and calendars. Someone must have a place that needs them. Again, thanks to all of you.

Betty Vaughan

North Bend

Judge race

The primary election is coming up quickly, and it is always difficult to know the best choices for superior court judge. Let me make one of your decisions easy by recommending Susan Amini for position 1. As an Eastside attorney for 17 years, Susan Amini has earned the reputation as someone who goes the extra mile for all of her clients, including those with limited resources. She represents individuals like you and me, who have difficult problems that need equitable solutions. Susan is experienced, compassionate and fair, and she will bring these qualities to the bench.

Susan’s tenacity on behalf of her clients is similar to her tireless advocacy when her son, Cyrus, became blind at age 8. Susan poured all of her efforts into making sure he and others with serious challenges be given the same opportunities as their peers at school. When school officials said it was too dangerous for Cyrus to play on the playground equipment, she showed him how to do it and insisted that he be allowed to do so, saying, “You can fix a broken leg, but not a broken spirit.” Susan will bring this same commitment and energy to King County Superior Court.

Nancy Myhre

Fall City