Hope springs from Florida school shooting, in youth movement | Letter

There is a sliver of hope amidst the utter gloom of the recent Florida incident.

Eyebrows may be raised at my characterization of the Parkland school massacre as the “Florida incident.” It is because overused adjectives (horrific, cowardly, monstrous) and hypocritical canned platitudes (heartfelt condolences, prayers) make me seethe with rage. Let’s call it for what it really is, a recurring and uniquely American version of mass slaughter that always ends with the National Rifle Association calling in their chips and ordering politicians, who drink at their trough, to fall in line, circle the wagons and ensure above all, that absolutely nothing will be done. Platitudes in spades, yes, actions, no.

The favorite NRA talking point — guns don’t kill, people do — keeps being waved around. Guns, by design, have a single purpose, to kill. Some guns, such as the AR15, stand out in their superior efficiency of killing. Human intent just found the superior means, the force multiplier, necessary for mass slaughter. How many people would be alive today, as Emma Gonzales, a senior at the school, articulates so well, if this deranged individual had access to just a knife?

Now the sliver of hope. For the first time kids are leading the call to action. Our children are not waiting for so-called adults to take a stand as they get showered with empty platitudes. NRA, take note. You are in the crosshairs of a force you haven’t dealt with before. One that is beyond the reach of your coffers. Yes, there is hope.

Sankar Ray