If our leaders won’t change gun laws, it’s time to change our leaders| Letter

I couldn’t sleep last Wednesday. I tossed and turned, the images of the students in Florida walking out of their school, single file, their Valentine’s balloons aloft on a sunny day. Some ran into the arms of their parents. Some huddled together, crying. I was so sad for them, for the 17 people who died that day and for those who lived through the horror, for the trauma that will impact the rest of their lives. I also feared for my son, who is a high school senior.

Enough is enough.

This is not a letter to share facts in favor of increasing gun safety laws, to limit the number of guns sold. The vast majority of Americans understand that stuff already.

This is a letter to say that we must change our country’s leadership. One party, the Democrats, have consistently offered solutions. The other party, the Republicans, have consistently offered thoughts, prayers and excuses.

This isn’t about repealing the Second Amendment, only Republicans say that as they try to distract us. It’s not a mental health issue. It’s a guns issue. It’s a political issue that is preventing us from saving our kids. It’s too late for those 17 people in Florida, but it’s not too late for my son and I’m stepping forward to protect him.

Vote this November. Get your friends and other parents to vote. Let this be your single issue that leads you to vote for Democrats in every office on the ballot. Let this be the end of mass shootings in our country.

Chris Petzold