Citizens should unite in support of carbon fee | Letter

I appreciate your coverage of Governor Inslee’s proposed carbon tax a couple of weeks ago. I exhort all of us to become wise Americans. Let’s recognize when pundits twist facts and ideas to create mis-aimed outrage and division among us for their own money and power.

Let’s look outside our own window and use our own judgment. How is the weather different from when we were children? Is there more wind? More rain? More instability where it’s cold for a few days and then 50 to 60 degrees? Are the fires in our forests starting earlier and raging longer?

Governor Inslee’s determination to rein in fossil fuel use is a very good one. We need this for the sake of our health, our farms, our own properties and our daily well-being and for the sake of our children’s health and prosperity.

I urge all of us to contact our state senators and representatives. Instead of a carbon tax, let’s ask for a carbon fee. Tell them we want the carbon fee collected to be returned to us as a dividend. We, the wise citizens of Washington, can then make our own decision about how much fossil fuel we want to use.

We have much more power than we think. The senators and representatives are paid by us. Tell them what you want: A carbon fee and dividend where we are in control.

Do not turn your back on limiting carbon. Let’s unite and create what we really want for our future.

Elaine Armstrong


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