Research into U.S. immigration policies finds President’s claim untrue | Letter

I have been listening to both of our political parties and our President argue about who is to blame for the recent government shutdown. So I did some research on the stumbling block that seems to be a red flag for both parties: Illegal immigration.

President Trump, many Republicans including McConnell and Ryan, and Democrats claim to love the Dreamers, but suddenly held them responsible for the Senate Democrats’ unwillingness to fund the government. In days, Dreamers went from being “loved” to being illegal immigrants, part of the “dangerous threat to our national security.”

And what is this “disastrous” diversity lottery program that Trump wants to end? Annually there 15 million applications for the 50,000 visas made available from some, but not all, countries. The individuals pay for their own application and must provide extensive information including police and military records. Next there are personal interviews by the State Department. Only then, if eligible, is an application put into the lottery; there is no guarantee. The data is all online and selected without bias, not some rigged game as Trump claimed.

And what of chain migration? President Trump’s claims again proved untrue. A green card holder can apply only for their unmarried children and spouse to enter the United States, period. There are no 2o-30 people brought in by green card holders.

Either our President is intentionally lying or dangerously ignorant about the immigration policies in place. He says he wants them replaced, but with what? And can we trust him to keep a fair immigration policy that is not biased against African and Caribbean countries?

Ileen O’Leary

North Bend