Brown is a pillar of the community

Mount Si athletic director Darren Brown is committed to the valley.

Every morning, Mount Si Wildcats High School athletic director Darren Brown wakes up at 4:45 a.m. ready to attack the day.

Brown, who has worked in the Snoqualmie Valley School District since 2002, is currently in his second year as the Wildcats athletic director. The Beaverton, Oregon, transplant enjoys being fully immersed in the community he calls home.

“I love this community and I love Mount Si High School. There is a lot of pride in this school. My No. 1 job being the AD (athletic director) and activities director is making sure everyone is successful. That is what I want and that is what makes me happy is seeing kids succeed in sports and activities,” Brown explained. “Over the past year, I have seen participation in our clubs go up 40 percent and our athletic teams are getting better, better and better. That is a good sign.”

The schedule of an athletic director can be certainly be grueling but Brown embraces that challenge wholeheartedly. Brown, who served in the United States Air Force from 1990 to 1995, feels his military background set him up well for success.

“When people ask me what it is like being an AD, the first thing I always say is that its very fast paced. You have to put out a lot of fires (dealing with problems) but it was also like that in my experience in the Air Force, so it kind of helps me balance things out. I feel like I’m doing things that I was doing in my early to mid 20s all over again,” Brown said. “Some nights I get home at 5 or 6 and some nights I get home at 9 or 10. Sometimes there are 80-hour work weeks and sometimes its 65-hour work week. It just depends.”

In addition to his role as the leader of the Wildcats athletic programs, Brown also is head coach of the Wildcats varsity boys soccer team in the spring. The tight-knit community in the North Bend/Snoqualmie region is something Brown cherishes.

“There is a real family environment. A lot of alumni come back here as teachers and coaches. We have two (alumni) who came back and are on our coaching staff this school year. What a lot of people who come back tell me is they want to give back to the community where people gave to them,” he said.

Recently the Valley Record had an opportunity to ask Brown some questions about his life away from the athletic office.

Snoqualmie Valley Record: What is your favorite restaurant in Snoqualmie/North Bend region?

Darren Brown: I would probably would have to say the North Bend Bar and Grill. I love the atmosphere, I love the people there and I love the food, of course.

SVR: What is your dream vacation spot?

DB: It would definitely be Cayman Islands or Corfu Island, Greece.

SVR: What is something unique about you that nobody would know?

DB: I love lifting weights. That is my passion outside of what I do (athletic director job). I love the Boston Red Sox. I’m a huge Red Sox fan.

SVR: What is your favorite hobby away from athletics?

DB: I love going to the beach.

SVR: How many text messages do you send per day?

DB: I send probably 50 to 100 text messages per day and I generate anywhere from 80 to 100 emails.