The backbone of the Wildcats defense

Mount Si senior defender Joelle Buck calls the shots in the defensive backfield.

It takes a special kind of attitude to thrive on defense in the world of team sports.

Mount Si Wildcats senior girls soccer player Joelle Buck possesses the mindset required of a center defender on the pitch.

“I have played defense all my life. I love playing defense. I can see the whole field and am doing a lot of talking back there,” Buck said of her position. “I’m talking with our midfielders and our backline (defenders). You tell everyone where to go and who to mark (cover) up.”

Mount Si Wildcats girls soccer head coach Sophie Rockow said Buck is the epitome of a mainstay ever since she took the field as a freshman on the varsity team in the fall of 2016.

“Joelle has started almost every game since she was a freshman. She has played 3,200 minutes in the past three years and has always been there for us. She is a great leader and is very tough. Being competitive is a big part of it. She is an old-school athlete that will do everything she needs to do to help us win. She protects the net,” Rockow said of the stalwart defender.

Buck not only plays on the Wildcats girls soccer squad, she is a integral member of the Wildcats girls basketball program. Buck will be a four-year basketball player on the hardwood during the 2019-20 season. The parallels between soccer and basketball are impossible to ignore.

“They are really similar positioning-wise and defensive-wise because you have to get low, you have to break down. All of those things relate to both sports,” Buck said.

Rockow encourages her players to play multiple sports.

“It just makes you a better overall athlete. Joelle has that competitive drive. It is just awesome to have her on the team,” Rockow said.

Recently the Snoqualmie Valley Record had an opportunity to ask Buck some questions about her life away from the soccer field.

Snoqualmie Valley Record: What is your favorite movie of all time?

Joelle Buck: “Forrest Gump.” I like his backstory. There is a good message in there.

SVR: What did you think of the USA women’s soccer team winning the World Cup?

JB: I thought it was a given in the beginning of the tournament. Everyone knew they were the best in the world. I thought it was really cool to just watch them. It was fun.

SVR: Who was your favorite player on the USA women’s soccer team?

JB: I like Megan Rapinoe and Kelly O’Hara. It would be either one of those players.

SVR: What is your dream vacation spot?

JB: It is Greece. I have watched “Mamma Mia” (movie). It looks really fun there.

SVR: What is your favorite restaurant in the Snoqualmie/North Bend area?

JB: North Bend Bar & Grill. Everything is good there.

SVR: How many text messages do you send per day?

JB: I send 40, so not too bad.

SVR: What kind of music do you listen to the most in your car?

JB: I listen to top hits (all genres).