Stick to your design standards

Record Editorial

I have been watching the busy debate on the Snoqualmie Ridge Yahoo group ever since QFC announced its intention to build a store in that neighborhood.

By announcing their plans, it appears that QFC is doing their best to gain support from their potential customer base to possibly grease the skids regarding the building of a new store. The Snoqualmie design standards have been refined through the efforts of many, many individuals who have spent countless hours trying to shape the community. The city staff, elected officials and the mayor should stick to their guns and not be swayed by an overwhelming desire to have a grocery store on the Ridge at any cost.

With that said, and understanding interpretation of design standards can be as sticky as the standards themselves, city staff needs to clearly identify potential problems early in the project and focus, the first time, on a mutually acceptable design for the store.

We have heard many times about changes being requested after an initial design and the subsequent impacts to a business owner or the builder.

QFC should have to adhere to the same standards that other businesses on the Ridge have to follow, with no exceptions. City residents should be supportive of the council for following the implementation of those standards, as long as the application is consistent.

Bringing a grocery store to Snoqualmie Ridge is important as it would help bolster the city’s coffers while serving residents. But it’s not so important that the city needs to break from its standards to make it happen.