Comments on dredging river in Fall City

Letter to the Editor.

The river erosion proposition for State Route 202 will come with criticism even though dredging is a temporary fix. As the superintendent of maintenance for the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) put it, there is still a problem to be dealt with. So if the Valley Record took a picture upstream of where WSDOT did shoring of the bank (in 1966) to stop the erosion and did the same procedure today, it seems to me that would be the wiser choice seeing as how it worked.

To have someone dredge with his or her own money, or anyone else’s money, would come with strong opposition. It may also be illegal to take material from the river to use as landfill on property to change elevation if said property is in the floodway.

If any citizen was concerned about the fish habitat, they should teach the fly fishermen to quit walking up to their chests when fish are spawning. They should know they’re doing more harm than good to these spawning beds.

A concerned citizen might start a petition to keep jet sleds and motorized machines off the river from the boat launch on the Neal Road up to the Falls, due to the fact they churn up the spawning beds and also erode the banks of the river.

Last, but not least, I would say to Tom Bernard, if you’re going to be known as a Fall City resident, it might be a good thing to move here.

Leon C. Noel III

Fall City

(Editor’s note: Although an incorrect headline in the Feb. 11 issue of the Valley Record stated that Bernard was a resident, the story stated correctly that he lives in Seattle.)