Spiritual advice

Letter to the Editor

With all the talk going around about Rev. Jeremiah Wright, personal spiritual advisor to Barack Obama, has anyone thought far enough into the future to realize who the spiritual advisor to the President of United States might be if Sen. Obama is elected? It won’t be Billy Graham.

And if you didn’t already have enough reasons for not electing Obama, would this not be a deciding factor? Or are you ready to accept Jeremiah Wright as Billy Graham’s replacement? If you didn’t know Rev. Wright, he’s the one who did not say “God Bless America.” Instead, in a sermon before his congregation he said “God Damn America!”

Over the past four decades our Commander-in-Chief’s spiritual advisor has been the Reverend Billy Graham. As such, Rev. Graham has been the spiritual conscience of America.

If Barack Obama is elected, do you think Jeremiah Wright can fill Billy Graham’s shoes? Do you think he could ever become “America’s spiritual conscience?”

Joe Crecca

North Bend