“No” vote

Letter to the Editor

After a third return to the drawing boards to minimize costs by reducing objectives to the absolute minimums necessary for school expansion – 42 percent of those voting, not to mention 63 percent of registered voters who didn’t vote at all, again said no to support for quality education of upper Snoqualmie Valley children. Unbelievable! After hearing all the arguments pro and con – for each and every one of these voters, I feel only disgust and disdain. Personal greed at the expense of the future of Valley children who have no vote was at the root of their decision.

Did the “no” voters notice Bellevue voters handily passing their more expansive school bonds? Will their kids eventually graduate from high school in higher percentages, not to mention better educated and equipped for the future, than Snoqualmie/North Bend youth? Why should this possibility be acceptable?

By the way, I’m 78 years old, living on a fixed income and have no grandchildren. I am also a product of fine public schools I had the privilege to attend during the depression and war years of my boyhood and youth. Those schools would not have existed without the support of voters struggling to make ends meet through trying times. Those who voted against education in this recent election ought to be universally ashamed of themselves.

Dave Olson

North Bend