Sister support brother for council

Letter to the Editor

I encourage each and every voter in District 12 to vote for the only

qualified candidate for the King County Council; David W. Irons, Jr. He is

the only candidate that is talking about issues, the only candidate that

has proven his abilities and the only candidate that deserves serious


It is unfortunate that sibling rivalry has resulted in a public spectacle

in this race. The mind set of my sister’s campaign is perhaps best

demonstrated by her distribution of a fake voter’s pamphlet to hide the fact

she only decided to throw her hat in the ring when she realized her brother

had won the primary.

Anyone paying any attention at all realizes my sister and parents are

using enormous amounts of their personal funds to try and buy this

election out from under the man who earned it, David W. Irons Jr. It is

sad and mystifying to even me.

On behalf of those sane members of the Irons family – and yes, there

are several – I ask that you consider David’s truly phenomenal track

record and vote for the only candidate who earned a place in the real King

County voter’s pamphlet and on the ballot. If you want qualified representation

on the Council then there is only one option on November 2nd; David

W. Irons, Jr.

Janet A. Irons