About that soccer field…

Letter to the Editor

In response to “Proud Cedarcrest parent” letter of Oct. 14, I believe

the writer is asking the taxpayers of the Riverview School District to build

her a soccer field so she doesn’t have to drive her child. Would she like

this field in her back yard, equipped with a Starbucks, massage room

and shower? Sorry last November the voters said NO for the fifth time and

to the tune of 53 percent.

The writer needs to read her school board notes to find out what shape

this district is in. Eighty-five students have left this district, creating a

potential loss of $250,000. Why did they lose these students? For starters, there is

the Senior Project, joining the Kinco league (yes, football is 1-14, and

there is no way to sugarcoat that), and the locker issue at Tolt Middle School.

Parents had a petition to put lockers back in TMS (they were taken

out six years ago with the promise by the superintendent that there would

be double books). Move to spring of ’99, with parents standing their ground

and demanding a decision _ lockers/double books. The principal at

TMS steps up and said no lockers.

What does the school board do _ goes along with the principal.

Promises of the double books again at double the cost. Now, Oct. 99,

aw shucks, someone dropped the ball and not all the books were ordered.

What does this tell us about this district?

Now to the KingCo league. The former superintendent and former

athletic director and one coach were the pushers of the Kingco league.

Where is the former superintendent and the AD, yes, they went on to greener

pastures or better astro turf? They along with the athletic directors of the

league that allowed CHS in should be ashamed. Sure Bellevue, Mercer

Island etc. love to have someone to thump on.

The Senior Project has been beaten to a pulp and now needs to be sent

out the door. I still get calls on this one. It is full of prejudice,

inconsistencies, loopholes.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. Log onto the Riverview School District

site and read the school board notes or call the district office and have

them mailed to you. Another item the writer forgot to mention is that she is

a Riverview school employee and has her house up for sale. Now where

exactly do we put that soccer field?

Jacci Heuberger