Reader calls for sidewalk ordinance

Letter to the Editor

For some time now, Snoqualmie sidewalks have been routinely used

for bicycle raceways by riders of all ages. Consequently, pedestrians – for

whom the sidewalks were established – continually face risk of serious injury.

It has been my recent understanding from a Snoqualmie police

officer that Snoqualmie has no city ordinance addressing the problem. Clearly,

one is very much needed.

I should like to suggest an ordinance be enacted which includes

traditional remedies for the situation. First, in order to bring their

bicycles onto the sidewalk safely, riders would be required to dismount at the

curb. Second, bicycles should not be ridden on the sidewalk at any time.

Third, violations of the ordinance would be police matters, with the police

department being held accountable for results.

Snoqualmie pedestrians should not have to wait for help any longer.

Vivian Holdsworth