Optins for the new community center

Letter to the Editor

Before we go any further in developing the plans for a proposed

community center at the Ridge, we need to stop, take a deep breath,

look around, and ask ourselves if this is going to benefit the greatest

number of people over the longest period of time for the least amount of money.

I come to the conclusion that the proposed site does not satisfy this

criteria. I would like to propose two options for serious consideration.

Option 1: Take the $750,000 contribution from the Ridge, combine

it with the dollar value of the land that the center would have sat on in

the Ridge, and invest these available funds in improving and expanding the

Si View Recreation Center.

Of course this requires the cooperation between Snoqualmie,

North Bend and the county, which owns the rec center. We could form a

partnership between the three entities for management and operation,

which would greatly expand its availability for community use. Organizations

like the Youth Hub and Children’s Services of Sno-Valley could also play a

role in the overall operation.

There would be no need to ask the voters to put up more money. And,

it would put the community center in a more central location for the

growing population of the Upper Valley.

The beauty of this option is that it can be implemented almost

immediately and it will further restore a historic facility that deserves to play

a more prominent role in bringing our diverse community together in an

area that is already in the path of our current residents.

Option 2: Assuming that we can’t all get along, this option suggests

that the new center be located adjacent to the new play fields being acquired

by Snoqualmie.

This location has great benefits due to its immediate closeness to

three public schools. Imagine, our children could walk to the center after

school. The new ball fields would be handy for the center to organize team

events. Also, this location could serve as a starting point and trail head for the

interpretation of the Meadowbrook Farm property and the Three Forks

Natural Area.

This option would require new construction like that of the Ridge

location, but it would be more centered for the total population.

My comments are not intended to create controversy over this issue

of location. I just feel that in this time of limited funds, growing needs, and

the need to strengthen our community spirit, we need to be adults and do

the right thing for our families. These two choices give me the comfort level I

am looking for – the best, cost-effective, long-term solution for our

deserving community.

Please consider these options!

Art Skolnik