Other things to worry about

Letter to the Editor.

It is nice to see a local citizen so concerned with the image

of the Snoqualmie Valley as Ms. Anita Florence was in [the Jan.

18] paper. In her letter to the editor, Ms. Florence wrote that she

was “outraged” at the name of a new, local espresso bar. However,

I don’t recall ever seeing a letter from her in the past few months

in which she expressed opposition to the development of Falls

Crossing, a development that, from what I understand, would

deface the beauty of Snoqualmie Falls. Perhaps Ms. Florence should

get her priorities straight. There are much greater things to

worry about.

She also wonders how the local government could have

allowed this. She is right to question how this could’ve

happened. Just how did this fall through the cracks? I’m sure the

government of the People’s Republic of China would never have allowed this

to happen, nor would the former government of the Union of

Soviet Socialist Republics.

Personally, I do not buy much espresso or other coffee

drinks. But in the future, if I wish to buy some, I will be a patron of the

Bad Ass Coffee Co. I encourage others, coffee drinkers and

non-coffee drinkers alike, to support free speech by doing the same.

John Varga

North Bend