Tollgate deadline extended

Letter to the Editor.

The North Bend Planning Commission would like to

respond to the Valley Record’s statement in its Jan. 24 issue that

the Planning Commission has put its “recommendation of

approval” on the Tollgate proposal. Although we understand that

the Record will be placing a retraction in the Record’s next

issue, the commissioners want to assure all interested parties that we

have not yet even begun deliberations.

Public hearings on the FEIS for both the Tollgate master

plan and Tollgate Estates were just held on Jan. 24 and 25.

Because of commissioners’ concerns that the error in the Record’s Jan.

24 article may have affected anyone’s desire or ability to

submit comments (and also in response to the publics’ request

for an extension), the commissioners voted to extend the written

comment period to Tuesday, Feb. 20, at 5 p.m. (Submit written

comments to the City Clerk’s office.) The Planning Commission

will begin its deliberations at its Feb. 22 meeting, 7:30 p.m., at the

Senior Center. We will include as part of our review and

deliberations, all comments submitted (oral and written), the FEIS,

staff reports, and any other documentation submitted into the

record (not referring to the paper!).

Commissioners would like to encourage all interested parties

to submit written comments. Members of the public are welcome

to attend the Feb. 22 meeting, as well as future meetings, although

there will be no avenue for public input at these meetings.

Commissioners will schedule as many meetings as necessary to spend

the time we need to thoroughly deliberate and review all

information/comments before finalizing our recommendation to the

North Bend City Council for its review and final decision. Thank you.

Michelle Gustafson

North Bend Planning

Commission member