No need to pull teeth to visit dentist

Letter to the Editor.

Fall City Family Dental Clinic has taken great care in serving my

children for several years, and in one word, they are awesome!

As I sat in their waiting room this afternoon while my young

daughter received her first fillings, I decided to share this well-kept secret.

Why shouldn’t more parents set their worries aside while their children

receive such wonderful care? Kids don’t need to have fear passed down to them

about dentistry. They can walk away from a filling appointment all smiles.

Excellent dentistry care for children appears to be a passion of

Drs. Greg and Sabra Fawcett and their staff. Kids just like to go back. Mine

have taken to asking when they can return to the dentist’s office, looking

forward to their choice of prizes after the appointment is complete. Everyone

there is kind and accommodating, switching the television to cartoons

when kids are in the waiting room, making sure to be comforting and sensitive

as they walk the younger patients into the dentist’s chair. They even gave us

a photo of each of my children’s first dental procedures. They are

holding mirrors and wearing sunglasses!

Who knew what fun a dentist appointment could be? If only we

could have been raised with similar ideas that going to see a dentist can be

not only a positive experience, but a fun and wonderful memory. My

daughter even asked me today on the way home if the dental assistant remembers

her as a baby. She looked forward to showing off her new purse to her

favorite lady there.

Fall City Family Dental Clinic does strive to be part of the

family. They live up to their name, and I am so thankful that they are a part of

our Valley’s community. It is a parent’s dream come true to send their

children willingly to have their dentist’s care. Thank you to Greg and Sabra

Fawcett, and their wonderful staff!

Sue Crabb