Helping those in need

Record Editorial.

Another holiday season has come to the Valley. There is no better place in the world to enjoy the holidays than right here at home, only 20 minutes from the mountains and with all the

Christmas trees we could ever want, and winter views that bring photographers

from miles around.

But beyond the glamour and glitz of the holidays are families who may

not have the necessities to survive. There are teen-agers living in horrible

conditions, cold and hungry, and only wanting a warm place to get some

sleep. There are children who won’t know what it’s like to find a present under

the tree or enjoy the excitement that a jolly man in a red suit might bring for them.

Luckily in past years, residents of the Valley have stepped forward

and donated to various local charities and food banks. But your help is

needed again this year. Despite a booming economy, there are still people going

without. Inside this issue of your Valley Record is a list of organizations and

food banks that accept donations. Please make a contribution so that someone

else can enjoy the holidays. Do it anonymously if you are uncomfortable. If

you really don’t want to be known, drop off your donation here at the Valley

Record office and we will make sure it gets to a local food bank.

Here’s wishing you a happy and safe holiday from all of us here at

the Valley Record.

Jim McKiernan