Hard work on local trails appreciated

Letter to the Editor

I would like to send a huge thank you to all the city of Snoqualmie employees, state of Washington employees and volunteers for improving our area parks and hiking trails so beautifully in the last few months.

In January, I hiked on Rattlesnake Ledge and Snoqualmie Ridge-Fisher Park trails and was just incredibly amazed at the amount of destruction by nature’s windstorms in November 2003, and the recent one this past week. I had read in the Valley Record that there was no damage to these area trails.

However, upon exploring the devastation is clearly evident with these evergreen beauties toppled over in the tragedy of this powerful wind. And it’s only because of these employees and volunteers that we now have access to this beautiful, God-given miracle called Earth.

My daughter Kelsey, our dog Blu and I thank you for all the very heavy and dangerous work you did cleaning the debris from our trails.

Jill Mortenson