For the children

Letter to the Editor

Reading the letters to the editor regarding the recent school bond failure in the March 26 Valley Record was an amazing experience. There is more misinformation than one short response could possibly cover.

I get that people want someone else to pay for schools. Ron Sims, Quadrant, the Legislature – anyone else but the people of this Valley. I get that people are angry, annoyed with, you name it, the school district. I get that by voting “no” or not voting, people think they are sending a message to whatever powers that be they want to send a message to, that they want to stop growth or don’t want to pay taxes or think the school district is trying to pull a fast one. I get that some people think teachers are miracle workers.

What I don’t get is that so many people are willing to penalize their own children, grandchildren or neighbors’ children to make their point.

This is about the children and their education, ladies and gentlemen. Or at least it is supposed to be.

Anne Avery