We’re looking for people who make an impact

We started a new feature in the Valley Record called "Citizen of the Week," co-sponsored by Replicator Graphics.

We started a new feature in the Valley Record called “Citizen of the Week,” co-sponsored by Replicator Graphics. This is an effort to recognize those individuals who give their time, money, wisdom, etc, to various causes in the Valley. Maybe they volunteer at the senior center or on a city commission. Maybe they mentor a high school student or take care of a grandparent. Too many times, small acts of kindness or extra effort don’t get recognized. This is your chance to share a special person with the rest of the Valley.

On another note, this past Saturday, Snoqualmie Valley Little League celebrated 50 years of service. The Snoqualmie Valley Little League charter was signed in 1958 but their first season didn’t happen until 1959. That year, North Bend, Snoqualmie, Fall City and Carnation banded together to field a team in each town.

Snoqualmie Valley Little League has a special place in my heart, having been a president of the organization in the 1990s, and because both my children played on Little League teams. It’s a great organization and, despite the sometimes tumultuous politics, is run by people who truly care about providing a structured, positive experience for kids.

If you are looking to positively impact Valley youth, Snoqualmie Valley Little League is one of the best ways to do it. Having been president of the league, I know what kind of time commitment it takes and applaud all the volunteers who make each season successful. Congratulations on 50 years. We look forward to the next 50.