Carnation and area citizens warned

Letter to the Editor

In recent months, there has been an increase of traffic complaints,

specifically relating to individuals driving over the posted speed limit.

There have been efforts made by the city to provide adequate signage to alert

all citizens to the speed limits in town. There is still a concern that people

are still not obeying the posted speeds.

In an effort to work with the community in cooperation, the

Carnation Police Department will be addressing those specific areas within the city

limits. Officers will be running radar in the specific areas of concern.

We will initially be giving warnings, to include what the speed was

at time of stop, and what the posted speed is. For very blatant violations, the

option to issue a citation will be that of the officer. Our hope is to have

citizens comply with the posted speeds, and to get people thinking about

safety in their community, or in some cases, in the community they pass through.

After the date of Sept. 27, officers will be issuing citations for speed

limit violations, as well as any other violations they observe. By state law,

RCW Title 46.61.400 the maximum speed of any city or town street is 25

mph. Bottom line is, a citation for being 1 – 5 miles over the 25 mph speed

would cost a minimum of $57.

We hope that in a cooperative effort, we will reduce the incident

of speeding complaints, and reduce the potential for accidents in our city.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Carnation

Police Department at (425) 333 4190.

Chief Bonnie Soule

Chief of Police