Candidate can effect positive change

Letter to the Editor

In my opinion, the city of Snoqualmie is lucky to have

Marcia Korich-Vega running for city council position number four.

Her impressive list of accomplishments include:

Chairperson of the Shoreline Hearings Board, which is

responsible for protecting the Snoqualmie River ecosystem and establishing the

criteria for such protection.

Citizen activist with regards to the proposed Falls Crossing

Development Plan (residential homes and a business park), assuring that local

citizens’ concerns are voiced and responded to. She has publicly

raised concerns as to the size and scope of the proposed project.

She has been personally affected when her own home flooded on

four different occasions over the years, and eventually had to spend a

considerable sum of her own money to have her house raised and elevated above

the flood level.

No doubt about it, I believe Marcia Korich-Vega has personal,

first-hand experience with the issues that affect Snoqualmie residents most!

She knows what needs to be done and understands how to effect

positive change for our city.

I believe her to be well suited to represent us, the citizens

of Snoqualmie.

Elliot Weinstein