Investigators secure video evidence in Snoqualmie officer-involved shooting

Investigators with the King County Independent Force Investigation Team (IFIT) said they have acquired additional video of the officer-involved shooting in North Bend last week and are now processing it.

It is not known what source the video is from or what it shows. Meeghan Black, a spokesperson for the investigation team, said they are unable to release additional information at this time.

In a prior press conference, on Nov. 17, Bellevue Police Major Debbie Christopherson said there was no camera footage of the event. However, she said there was video after the event from the body camera of a responding King County Sheriff’s Deputy.

The IFIT said they are also attempting to contact a witness who left the scene the night of the shooting.

The shooting occurred around 11:15 p.m. on Nov. 16 at Torguson Park. Snoqualmie officer James Aquirre was on routine patrol when he passed the park and noticed a car in the lot, investigators said.

Aquirre investigated the situation and found a 33-year-old man outside of his car. Aquirre allegedly asked the man to leave. The man refused, leading to a physical altercation, investigators said.

Aquirre was allegedly knocked to the ground, sustaining a slight arm injury, and the man reached for the officer’s weapon, according to the investigations team. Aquirre then regained control of the weapon and fired one round, killing the man. Aquirre was placed on leave.

Investigators said the deceased man was homeless and sleeping in his car. The man’s name has not been released.