Challengers having success in Carnation City Council races

Challengers Jessica Merizan and Brodie Nelson are leading incumbent councilmembers

Four of the five seats on the Carnation City Council were on the ballot Tuesday evening during King County’s General Election.

Current Councilmembers Tim Harris, Ryan Burrell and Dustin Green all faced challengers in their bids to return to office. Councilmember Adair Hawkins was lone incumbent to run unopposed.

King County officials released initial election results just after 8 p.m. Tuesday. Officials will continue counting ballots over the ensuing days and will certify results on Nov. 28.

Here are how things stand now:

Pos. 1

Adair Hawkins: 93%

Pos. 3

Tim Harris: 48%

Brodie Nelson: 51%

Pos. 4

Ryan Burrell: 58%

Max Voelker: 41%

Pos. 5

Dustin Green: 44%

Jessica Merizan: 55%

Riverview School District Board of Directors

Director District 2

Jodi Fletcher: 97%

Director District 3

Carol Van Noy: 66%

Genessa Rose: 33%

Director District 4

Danny Edwards: 98%