Fourth and final zebra rescued in North Bend

“Shug” the zebra was corralled near the Riverbend neighborhood after roaming the Cascade foothills for five days.

The search for the fourth and final missing zebra is over.

“Shug,” the zebra, garnered national attention for eluding authorities for five days before being safely rescued just before 8 p.m.May 3 by private citizens and control officers from Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC).

The four zebras escaped their owner’s trailer near exit 32 on eastbound I-90 on April 28 in North Bend. Three were corralled within hours, but Shug continued to roam.

“The zebra seemed to be in good condition despite her nearly week-long adventure in the woods,” a RASKC spokesperson wrote.

Shug will be transported to Anaconda, Montana, where the animals were headed before their escape, and will be reunited with its three black-and-white striped friends in the coming days, according to RASKC.

RASKC plans to release more details of the rescue shortly.