Vote ‘Yes’ for school replacement levies | Letter

I am writing to urge Snoqualmie Valley School District voters to support the replacement EP&O and Technology levies.

Our current levies fund many essential materials, programs, and positions, including special education, food services, substitutes, nurses, counselors, extracurricular activities, student transportation, music, curriculum, and nearly all technology used by students and teachers.

Newly promised funds from the state will not address these costs, so both replacement levies are crucial to maintain current services and programs for our kids.

Some of the new state money is specifically provided to increase teacher compensation, which will help our district attract and retain high-quality teachers. Many promising young educators leave or don’t consider our district because surrounding districts offer higher pay and have more affordable housing available. Using the state funds as intended will keep the pay gap from getting even wider, making us a more attractive district for both new and experienced teachers.

Our students and staff will benefit as they learn from and work with the best possible educators for many years to come. A yes vote on both levies will maintain services for our students, allow for future improvements, and keep talented staff members here in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Emily Larson

North Bend

2017 Elementary Educator of the Year