President’s racist, sexist behavior must be called out as unacceptable | Letter

President Trump is smugly proud of being a racist and a sexist. By his own actions and words he treats white people differently than blacks and Latinos. He treats women as chattel.

The President referred to the countries of Africa, countries in Central America and Haiti as “s***hole countries” (in a meeting Jan. 11 on a DACA deal*). People from these countries, including Trump’s German father (a s***hole country we were at war with at the time) built this country.

I am disappointed that no elected Republican or Republican leader will criticize the President regardless of his regular display of these traits. His behaviors and words must be called out as unacceptable. Apparently this is asking too much. There appears to be no “too far” or “too much” as demonstrated by the coordinated Republican efforts to thwart any investigation of the well-documented and ongoing Russian influence in our elections and regularly questioning the integrity of the FBI and other intelligence agencies.

It is hard to think of a class of people, a country, a gender, or any group that is not white and male (except the press and our nation’s intelligence agencies) that Trump has not attacked. He defends Nazi sympathizers. Yet few republicans will call a racist a racist, a sexist a sexist, or a man totally unfit for office as such. When will Republicans honor their oaths and put America’s interest’s first?

Mark Joselyn

North Bend

* President Trump on Jan. 12 tweeted that “This was not the language used,” at the meeting.