Letters to the editor

Only trash litters

Only trash litters

We all see it. We all have to live with it and have to put it somewhere. Why is it on the sides of the roads and in the ditches? How about along the edges of forests, parks, ponds and creeks? It seems that certain people don’t feel responsible for their own trash. I’ve seen people dumping bags of paper and other refuse out of their vehicle window, while driving down the road like it’s no big deal! Asking folks about this, I get the funniest and strangest responses. Some of my favorites include: It isn’t my problem; it’s biodegradable; it gives other people (road crews) a job; or, it’s good for the soil. This is ludicrous!

The fact is that it’s everybody’s problem. People should at least take responsibility for their own trash. Don’t throw it out your car window. Just throw it away when you stop to get gasoline or at your home. It doesn’t take any more time and could save some money: Littering carries a hefty fine.

I personally wish there were steeper penalties for this degrading act. It seems that some people don’t realize we have a beautiful state and city that is quickly being ruined by this careless deed.

What do you say, folks? Can we take some pride in our city and put trash where it belongs? Might we even take an extra step while we’re out for a walk and maybe pick some up to throw away?

Steve Fortin



Did you see the headline, “California justices say yes to gay marriage?”

Surely the god of media attention and self importance will call Pastor Ken and his “warriors” there.

Never has the sound of wedding bells sounded so good to the community, high school and school board.

J. Olson

North Bend

Hospital commissioners

Thanks for your fine and “to the point” editorial on the ongoing Snoqualmie Valley Hospital commission’s ridiculous forging ahead (against the citizens they represent) to build a new hospital that we do not need.

Naturally, we would be footing the bill. They seem to think that they have the wisdom above and beyond the citizens of this Valley, who overwhelmingly voted against the creation of another hospital. By their actions, past and present, I do not believe another vote by the people will deter them. Do they not realize that we live in a democracy and not an autocracy?

I think they are leading us into a horrific financial debacle that we will be paying for decades to come. Personally, I think the only way to arrest this determined, irresponsible and maligned commission is to have them recalled.

William H. Cleaver

Fall City

Editor’s note: Snoqualmie Valley Hospital CEO Rodger McCollum told the Valley Record that the new hospital would require no new taxes, only taxes that voters have already authorized for health care delivery. Tax revenue of the district, he said, represents only 15 percent of total revenues.