Letters to the Editor, March 22, 2019

Fire district merger

Merge the districts

Fall City voters, you have the chance on April 23 to increase your level of fire and emergency service, save money on property taxes and maintain local control of your fire service.

Consolidation is a major trend in today’s fire service, and many local fire districts have obtained economies of scale and improved operational effectiveness by joining together.

The special election in April proposes Fire District 27 (Fall City) merge into Fire District 10. Both fire districts have similar demographics, share common geography, and already work closely together to coordinate emergency response. The combination is a natural fit.

With the merger, Fall City would finally be protected by three full-time firefighters 24/7, and our volunteer program would also be enhanced. Some 77 percent of taxpaying parcels will pay less taxes, resulting in an overall annual savings of almost $300,000. Our current commissioners will join the District 10 board of commissioners which will maintain local control.

Even with our current reduced levels of staffing and training, Fall City’s Fire Chief and Commissioners have stated, in public meetings, that our budget is unsustainable long term.

By voting Yes in the April 23 special election, Fire District 27 voters can enhance their fire and emergency services, raising them to the same standard as the rest of the county — all at a reduced cost. Vote Yes.


Joe Springer