Letters to the editor

Am I the only one who thinks the Exit 31 ‘roundabout’ is totally confusing to the locals as well as the people who pass through our town?

North Bend roundabout

Am I the only one who thinks the Exit 31 ‘roundabout’ is totally confusing to the locals as well as the people who pass through our town?

A roundabout with two lanes should indicate “stay to the inside lane (next to the center circle) unless you wish to take a road to your right.” And if that be the case, then signal and move to your right to exit when the opportunity comes. Numerous times, I have been honked at and cut in front of, because the logical way to use a two lane roundabout, to me, is to be in the right lane to take an exit road!

I am hoping the new ‘roundabout’ in North Bend will not have two lanes, because if it does — here we go again!

B. Lewis

North Bend

Not anti-gay

There seems to be a general misconception that those of us that are against the so-called Day of Silence are anti-gay.

Most of us are not. We are simply pro-education. [Superintendent Joel Aune’s commentary] in the Valley Record stated that learning did occur on that day, but that’s not the sort of quality learning days that we pay our taxes for. By deciding to allow political correctness to trump common sense, you set in motion the forces that turned that day into a circus.

Furthermore, as letter writer Denise Hisey so succinctly implied, to which groups that feel persecuted are you going to grant an entire school day? Just the most vocal ones? Because I assure you that there are many that suffer in silence. The fact that a particular group feels that they need to have a “Day of Silence” implies to me that perhaps you are not doing your job. Every student deserves a safe learning environment, and I hope that it’s district policy to stress that every day —not just one day out of the school year.

My daughter begins kindergarten in this district next year. When she does, my wife and I will be volunteering our time in the classroom on a weekly basis. Parental involvement is a key to a successful system and something at which this district excels. If by chance this sort of silliness persists by the time she’s in high school, count on us all to stay home that day. We’ll go camping or biking or have some other worthwhile activity, rather than participate in the mess that you’ve created. By the way, Mr. Aune, we vote in every election. And we will actively campaign against any administrator or board member that appears to value political correctness over education.

Eric Yotz

North Bend

Volunteers needed

The next season of soccer is gearing up for Snoqualmie Valley Youth Soccer Association, home to 2,800 players in 2007 (up 300-plus from 2006).

There is sure a lot of work to do to organize and run a soccer association. Some people complain about the game schedules, but they let “Everyone Else” prepare the schedules. They complain about the lack of fields, but they rely on “Everyone Else” to talk with King County, or the school districts or the parks departments to build more fields, or give youth top priority for field use. They complain about the officiating, or not having an official, but they paid their money and expect “Everyone Else” to step up.

“Nobody Else’s” campaign remains the same: “Let someone else do it.” We ask you, what is that going to accomplish? Nothing will get done! After all, “Everyone Else” already said they were too busy to help.

The board members that serve your children are a very dedicated group of people. Some of these members do not even have children of their own in the program. Often they work day in and day out, and cannot get everything accomplished that really needs to get accomplished.

There are open positions that really need filling: Assistant registrars, making sure the player, coach and team registration data is accurate, and overseeing our risk management program; referee coordinator and assignors; and field coordinators, helping to maintain and repair our local soccer fields.

If we only had more parents participating in the organization, giving support to the hundreds of coaches and dozens of club and association members, then poor “Everyone Else” would have more time. If we are not careful, “Nobody Else” will run everything.

Player registration for the Fall 2008 recreational season is now on-line at the SnVYSA Web site (www.snvysa.org) until June 1. SnVYSA clubs will no longer be holding in-person registration events.

During the online player registration process, you will be asked if you want to volunteer as a coach or assistant coach. You also can volunteer for other positions that are currently available by clicking on the volunteer topic on the registration Web site (https://snvysa.countmein.com/VolunteerList.aspx/VolunteersOpportunities)

A list of SnVYSA directors and club representatives and their contact information can be found on the Web site under the Information, Administrators, Directors topic (http://www.snvysa.org/directors).

Santa Krieble, Cascade Football Club administrator


Charlie Gifford, SnVYSA development vice president, acting referee coordinator