Scott Rinckenberger launches new exhibit in North Bend

Terrestrial Tapestries opens April 18.

Professional skier turned outdoor photographer Scott Rinckenberger plans to unveil his latest exhibit of Pacific Northwest photography April 18 at his gallery at 106 W. North Bend Way.

“The new exhibit is a celebration of spring and sort of goes from a pallet of brown dirt to exploding with life, color, tone and shape,” Rinckenberger said.

Terrestrial Tapestries, the fourth collection to be shared in the gallery, focuses on the beauty of the ground below rather than the mountains above that Rinckenberger typically focuses on. Black and white images of the overlapping, repeating patterns of the forest floor outside Rinckenberger’s Fall City home and beyond will soon be available for viewing.

“There’s one that goes by the name of Wood Fern Gradations,” Rinckenberger said when asked about his favorite photo in the exhibit.“It does a very good job of encapsulating this concept of these tapestry-like landscapes on the forest floor where there are just all these overlapping repeating patterns and, you know, just beautiful gradual variation in tone and shape.”

Rinckenberger, an award-winning fine art landscape and adventure photographer, has worked with several major brands in the past but opened the North Bend galley in July 2023 after feeling the creative constraints of social media. North Bend, he said, was a perfect fit for his gallery as the city continues to develop as a cultural hub for an outdoor lifestyle and serves as a jumping-off point for visitors to head to the mountains.

“My hope is that people are sort of arrested by the study of these microcosmic elements of the forest landscape in such a way that they appreciate what makes up these incredible ecosystems,” Rinckenberger said.

Refreshments will be served at the April 18 opening party from 5 to 8 p.m.

Rinckenberger’s gallery is open regularly from 12 to 6 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.

Scott Rinckenberger. Photo courtesy of Scott Rinckenberger

Scott Rinckenberger. Photo courtesy of Scott Rinckenberger