Remlinger Farms brewery slated to open this summer

The Carnation farm is looking to get into the brew business.

Carnation-based Remlinger Farms is planning on starting up a brewery this year, despite a global pandemic.

The plan is bring the brewery on-line by July at the latest, and the farm is in the process of selecting and hiring a head brewer, said Nathan Sherfey.

“We’re still headhunting our brewmaster right now,” Sherfey said.

They’re planning on offering beer, cider and seltzer along with some other beverages based on what their brewmaster can do with their five-barrel electric brewing system. Since they operate a working farm, Sherfey said they’re planning on incorporating their own berries into the drinks. Expect lots of seltzers and sour beers that incorporate blueberries, raspberries and more, he said.

The brews could have a German twist too, said Cheryl Paquette, as many brewmasters they’ve interviewed have experience in that style of European brewing.

“We’ve learned a lot just even interviewing all these people,” Paquette said.

Remlinger Farms is a family operation, Paquette said, and starting a brewery seemed like a solid addition to their offerings. On top of produce farming, they hold events and have a restaurant.

As vaccines continue to roll out in Washington state, it will eventually open the door for restrictions on dining and gathering to be lifted under Gov. Jay Inslee’s plan to reopen the economy. It’s unclear when the state could return to a degree of normalcy, but Paquette said they’re hoping for a good 2021 season.

They haven’t been idle during the pandemic either, though. They’ve spent the last year making improvements to the farm grounds, buildings and rides. The restaurant was also remodeled, and the brewery will feature outdoor patio eating.

“We’ve taken every step to expand and make it more friendly for everybody to come out,” Paquette said.

On top of that, they’ll be installing apple cannons. Sherfey said they were focused on creating a good time, and figured apple cannons and beer sounded like fun.