Ignite Dance celebrates second location in Carnation

Owners Katie Black and Brittany Mains celebrate alongside the Carnation Chamber of Commerce.

When Brittany Mains first met Katie Black while interviewing for a position at IGNITE Dance and Yoga in North Bend, she said they had an instant connection.

“We both were all in,” she said. “It felt like a puzzle piece connecting. It all clicked.”

And 13 years later, when she called Black about opening a second location, it was more of the same — she was all in.

“We had a wonderful phone call and went into partnership together,” Black said. “That was less than a year ago and now here we are.”

With the sounds of jubilant children running around, Black and Mains celebrated the opening of IGNITE Dance Carnation on March 4 alongside members of the Carnation Chamber and City Council.

Opening officially at the beginning of the month, the two have already been shocked by the community response, opening with 85 students on day one.

“It’s so beautiful to have all these families and people that want to come out,” Mains said.

Black opened Ignite Dance in North Bend in 2010, with Mains joining her a year later. Opening with only about a dozen students, Black said she never expected the studio to grow the way it has.

Today, their North Bend studio serves over 300 students, with Black and Mains working as co-directors of the competitive dance team.

When Mains moved to Carnation over a year ago, she said she would frequently pass the city’s dance studio. One day, while walking past with her husband, Kyle, the space was vacant. When it went up for sale, it sparked something in her.

“I never thought I’d want to own a business or a dance studio, but when this came up, I thought it was serendipitous,” she said.

Mains called Black to propose a partnership. A year later, following a remodel by Black’s husband, Gavin, they opened their doors on March 1.

“We’re really excited because this community has been so supportive and so welcoming,” Black said. “We’re happy to be here.”

IGNITE Dance Carnation is located at 4768 Tolt Avenue in Carnation, and has programs for youth and adults.